• Image of Karin-16 inch natural fibers art baby doll
  • Image of Karin-16 inch natural fibers art baby doll
  • Image of Karin-16 inch natural fibers art baby doll
  • Image of Karin-16 inch natural fibers art baby doll
  • Image of Karin-16 inch natural fibers art baby doll

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The Mexican post office only allows to send big packages through MExpost (Mexican Priority shipping) That is why the shipping cost is a little more expensive than usual.

Karin was originally 690 USDollars. She’s on sale because she really wants a new mommy for the holidays. ❤️

There are short payment plans available, but at least 1/4 of the doll’s price needs to be paid upfront. From that payment 50 dollars will be taken as a non refundable deposit that will go towards the final price of the doll. Shipping can be paid afterwards. The doll will be shipped after it is paid in full, including shipping.

Karin is a 16 inch preemie size natural fibers baby doll. She fits into most preemie clothes. Her skin is Laib Yala dark peach color, her limbs and torso are firmly filled with clean wool. Her head is very floppy and needs to be supported at all times, just like a real newborn baby. Her legs are sewn directly to the torso with upholstery thread. They are very floppy as well as her arms. Her arms are sewn to her torso with both upholstery thread and polyester thread. Her face is firmly needle felted, soft sculpted, and hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. Karin’s hair is a black wild brushable mohair wig cap. It can be gently brushed. She’s fully soft sculpted, weighted in the torso, and she’s anatomically correct.

Karin loves all things pink. Pink dresses, pink bonnets, pink shoes, pink blankets, pink toys, and her favorite animals are axolotls and pigs. Why? Because well, they are pink. Karin is an observer, she looks at everything so intensely as if she’s communicating with them telepathically. I sometimes think her pig talks back to her. She enjoys naps under a tree and rainy afternoons. We have had a couple of those lately and she can’t have enough of looking at the rain fall.

Karin will go home with all the clothes and accessories you see in her photos which includes the following:

Cloth diaper with snaps
Pink dress
Flower print diaper cover
Matching bonnet
Hand crocheted boots
White sleeping shirt
Hand crocheted pink bonnet
Pink piggy friend

Karin is not a toy. She is an art doll intended for gentle play by an adult collector or older child, 7 or older.

Please be advised that colors may vary slightly from what you see due to the difference in monitor calibration.

Spot clean only.