• Image of Glover- 8 inch baby elf

This little elf appears to have gotten lost on his way to the North Pole. His name is Glover and he seems somehow confused about where he is. He’s looking for snow and icy lakes. Not many of those in this part of the world, let me tell you. He says he’s training to be Santa’s helper. He seems too young for that, he’s still learning to walk. I’m not sure how he got here, though I guess it has something to do with Christmas Magic. I also don’t know how he pretends to go to the North Pole from here, probably with magic also.

This little man, looks like he’s always sleeping, but don’t be fooled, he’s always up to something during the night. He’s very curious, like every child is, really. Each morning we find him sleeping in different places, apparently doing different things. Who knows what he does while we are sleeping.

Glover is an 8 inch soft sculpted baby boy elf. He’s skin is DWE in fair color. He’s hair is embroidered wild brushable mohair. His head is filled with soft polyester stuffing, soft sculpted and hand embroidered. His body is cotton jersey in green color filled with clean carded wool and craft sand for weight. His whole body is lined with cotton fabric to make sure it holds the sand inside. The pinecone detail on his body is hand embroidered. His hat, boots, and scarf are hand crocheted with a beige alpaca yarn and a red wool and polyamide mixed yarn.

If you would like to see more photos of Glover you can check my website https://lachulonadolls.com/

Glover will go home with a little traveling friend and inside a hand crocheted stocking.

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