It all started when I wanted to make a unique doll for my baby.  

Even though most of the women in my family sew, some of them professionally, I never knew how to sew.  I studied, music, and theater, and then early childhood. I was somehow crafty, you learn a lot when working at day care. However, sewing was never my thing.

It wasn’t until I got pregnant and found myself living in Mexico that I decided I was going to sew things for the baby. I made toys, mobiles, and crib sheets.  I taught myself how to sew using Pinterest and YouTube.  (It’s amazing how much you can learn with YouTube). When baby V arrived, 15 minutes after she was born, we found out she was a girl (we were to excited to notice the sex) and I just knew I wanted to make a doll for her. I always liked the perfect imperfections that come with a handmade doll; its what makes it special. I was going to wait for her first birthday and make her a doll, her first doll.  I even told my family not to give her any dolls until I gave her mine. I got a pattern from Adirondacks and made a Waldorf inspired doll that came out pretty nice. I then started researching to make other dolls. I started drawing patterns based on dolls I would see and wanted to make. It took me a long time to decipher how to make an efficient pattern though. My first dolls looked like aliens, and we would laugh at them. I finally was able to create a pattern I liked, and made a doll for my niece who was soon to be a big sister. 

From then on everyone that would see the dolls I made would suggest that I sell them, but I just thought that would never happen, I was making special dolls for MY baby. Then one day I said why not? I still don’t want to leave baby V in daycare but did wanted to put some money in her school account. So this was it! I could work from home, stay with my baby, make money for her and do something I love!! So here I am, one year after. The dolls have evolved so much from what they were in the beginning.

  I actually love making these dolls, they are each as unique as a baby is, and that’s why I name them. I fall in love with each doll I make. There are not two that look the same, maybe similar but not the same. 

My dolls are handmade, imperfectly perfect detailed dolls, very unique, and made with children in mind, except for the ones that are not for children of course ;-).

Thank you for taking the time to look at our shop and read its story.

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