• Image of Lluvia- 7 inch Natural Fibers Mushroom Gnome
  • Image of Lluvia- 7 inch Natural Fibers Mushroom Gnome
  • Image of Lluvia- 7 inch Natural Fibers Mushroom Gnome
  • Image of Lluvia- 7 inch Natural Fibers Mushroom Gnome
  • Image of Lluvia- 7 inch Natural Fibers Mushroom Gnome

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Lluvia is a Mushroom baby gnome. Mushroom gnomes help plants and fungi grow by aiding them to absorb water and minerals. Baby mushroom gnomes can be a little difficult to take care of because they cannot always control their powers.

Lluvia, however, has been a delight to take care of. She’s very helpful and even though she can’t control her powers completely, she notices right away when she touches things, so she usually catches herself before things start growing out of proportions.

Lluvia seems to like blackberries, being out in the sun, and jumping, she jumps all the time. I made her some clothes so she wouldn’t go home naked. She mixes and matches everything and loves to show the clothes around. I’m guessing she likes the clothes.

Lluvia is a natural fibers art doll 7 inches tall. Her skin is Heavy weight Laib Yala in a dark brown color. Her body has been stuffed with clean carded wool and her torso has been lightly needle felted. Her head has been made in the classic Waldorf style with some needle felting to make it firmer. The head is not as floppy as my other dolls mostly because of her size. Her legs and torso are one piece but the legs can bend to help her sit and pose. Her arms have been hand sewn to her torso three times for extra strength. . Her lavender eyes have been hand embroidered with DMC cotton embroidery floss. Lluvia’s hair is a brunnette big loop mohair crocheted wig cap that has been hand sewn to her head. This style of hair cannot be brushed. She has a sculpted belly button and a cute little tushie.

This dolls was made to be as sturdy as possible but some of his clothes and accessories are more delicate. That is the main reason it is considered an art dolls.

Lluvia is not a toy for small children. She is meant to be played only by children 7 and up that do not mouth their toys anymore and can play with his clothes gently. The clothes have snaps and buttons that can become choking hazards to small children.

Lluvia will go home with all the clothes and accessories you see in his photos. All clothes and accessories are handmade by me.

Cloth diaper with ribbon
White romper with hand embroidered details.
Hand crocheted booties
Hand crocheted mushroom hat
Green cotton gauze dress
Green cotton gauze diaper cover
Hand crocheted green, red, and beige cardigan
Hand crocheted basket
Mushroom plushie
Leaf blanket

Please be advised that colors may vary slightly from what you see due to the difference in monitor calibration.

*Hand washing only.

Baby Lluvia was made in a smoke free, pet friendly home.

Shipping inside Mexico is free through Standard mail.
International shipping is through Mexpost (Mexican Priority). To the US, Canada, and PR is 30 USDollars. Other parts of the world is 50 USDollars. Shipping to other parts of the world is estimated if shipping end us being less, I will refund the extra charges.

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