• Image of Jesús- 6 inch natural fibers art doll

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This baby is my version of Baby Jesus in the Waldorf Style. I hope you like him.

Jesús is a little under 6 inch and a natural fibers art baby doll. As most of you know tiny babies are sometimes harder to make than big ones. He’s filled with clean carded wool. His skin is DWE in mocha color. His head is carefully and firmly needle felted and then covered with doll skin and soft sculpted to make the features more noticeable. His neck is floppy and needs to be supported when handled. His legs and arms are string jointed 3 times with strong upholstery thread. Jesús is fully soft sculpted and anatomically correct. Jesús’ black hair is wild loop mohair yarn crocheted into a wig cap and then sewn to his head. His eyes have been hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss in black. His blushing is made with red orange beeswax. He was made with attention to detail and lots of love in a smoke free home.
Jesús will go home only with his swaddle diaper, his mohair crocheted cocoon, and a traveling friend.

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